Tori Amos Concert Stats

November 12, 2009 – Melbourne, AU – Regent Theatre

Lady In Blue
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Blood Roses
Curtain Call
I Can’t See New York
Take To The Sky
Cloud On My Tongue
Beauty Of Speed
Mary Jane

Lizard Lounge

A Silent Night With You
Purple People

Scarlet’s Walk
Barons Of Suburbia


Sister Janet


November 13, 2009 – Melbourne, AU – Regent Theatre

Lady In Blue
Famous Blue Raincoat
Blood Roses
Little Earthquakes
That Guy
I Can’t See New York
Flying Dutchman
Hey Jupiter
Star Of Wonder

Lizard Lounge

Cool On Your Island

Mr. Zebra
The Beekeeper
Taxi Ride
Barons Of Suburbia


Never Seen Blue
Pretty Good Year


November 15, 2009 – Canberra, AU – Canberra Theatre

Lady In Blue
Bouncing Off Clouds
Blood Roses
Jackie’s Strength
I Can’t See New York

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on my way home!

i should get to sydney at 6.55am on the 18th.

should anyone have nothing else to do on a sunday morning, you’re more than welcome to come and pick me up 😛

will post once more when i get to heathrow airport and confirm which flight i am on, just before i board.

see you all soon!



Believe it or not, when I first got to Piccadilly, I thought it looked like parts of Paddington, or the Rocks in Sydney so much (just perhaps because everyones driving on the right side of the road :P). It was pouring, and there were huge puddles everywhere and it got to the point where I didn’t care anymore and just walked straight through. But today’s been great. blue skies for the first time in almost a week!

I won’t be able to update my blog as frequently due to the scarcity of internet cafes around here, but don’t worry, everything’s fine. I’ll be home before you know it!


whoa, whoa, whoa… tonight was the first night in recent memory where i failed to finish my meal completely, not without trying.

Traditional Slovakian meal, bryndzove halusky, with potato dumplings, sheep cheese and ‘deep-fried’ bacon. I barely finished half of it.

This was after I had a chicken liver crepe or pecienkova lokse from the Christmas markets.

Actually, even if I hadn’t had the lokse beforehand, I don’t think I would’ve finished the halusky. It was just too ‘dense’ if you can use that word to describe food. As of this moment, I’ve officially had enough of Slovak food 🙂

Off to London, my last stop tomorrow!


It is a comparatively smaller city compared to the places I’ve already been to.

But this may be a good thing, maybe i can explore the city more thoroughly in 2 days. And there’s that castle overlooking the city that looks very cool as well.

I got 2 scoops of gelato for only 1 euro. Given that it was 6 degrees I guess it could be considered somewhat warm. There’s something i really enjoy about ice-cream in cold weather, you should try it some time.

(no photos, no access to USB ports)

in bratislava!

its wet, but not raining 🙂

I guess the thing i’m happiest about is that it only cost 7.70 euros + 1 euro for baggage, to get from Austria to Slovakia 🙂

Oh, and I also found out that Kimi Raikkonen will be racing in F1 again with Lotus, the team formerly known as Renault. Looks like my new favourite colours will be black and gold then 🙂

Off to explore the city!

Everything in Vienna is so…GRAND. EXTRAVAGANT. They would unequivocally be the first words that come to mind when I think of Vienna. Belvedere Palace:

See what I mean? This used to be a the residence of a prince. And if it looks like this now, I can just imagine it in the Summer.

Outside Wiener Staatsoper:

I really couldn’t justify €129 for the worst seat in the house, sigh. BUT I did manage to get inside:

nice, eh?

And here’s the Danube! I wonder if it was the inspiration for the Blue Danube, because if so, either:
1) The river has changed dramatically over the space of 100 years.
2) Mr Strauss was not writing about this section of the river OR
3) he has a very good imagination.

Something to ponder over 😉


Vienna is a very beautiful city indeed. I think cleanliness is top priority for a city to be considered nice in my books :p The first place i visited was parliament (by chance):

Then Sigmund Freud´s residence which has been turned into a museum about his life:

I love it that there are so many celebrities that live in the cities I´m visiting. Today I shall also visit Mozart´s and Schubert´s house. Just the thought that they were distant neighbours is so amusing to me.

Vienna at dusk with the Christmas markets in the background:

Now why don´t we have these in Australia?

last day in Prague

I’ve really enjoyed it here. Apparently the Russian president was here yesterday, which really screwed with my plans as I wanted to go to the Golden Street in Prague Castle, but they closed it off. The one good thing that came out of that is I got a picture with a Czech sniper, yay!

Now i can tick that off my list. haha. And I also had my taste of authentic food. Please observe:

The pork knee:

And now, I warn you, it’s not pretty, the BONE of the pork knee:

And to give you an idea of how much Europeans drink, here is a picture of my fist:

Alcohol here, is cheaper than water, literally, and that’s saying something. I’m off to Vienna, on a train that departs in 50 minutes, yikes!